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Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I am a Medium!

Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I am a Medium,  as far back as I can remember I was different.  I cannot recall a certain age where I started knowing I could see others, feel others, hear others, etc.  I saw images in my head … past, present, and future… just like a TV show.


I kept my secret quiet for a few years. I started slowly talking to my close family members about experiences I was having.

psychic medium 

Low-and-behold, I was NOT the ONLY one in my family who has/had “gifts!”


I quickly found out that BOTH sides have different gifts.  


Many the same.

Many different.

Some stronger than others.

As soon as I found out I was not alone, I felt comfortable expressing what I was going through as a child.


I had SEVERAL family members express their acceptance, their awe, and their love.


Thankfully, even though back in the 70’s and 80’s “the paranormal” was not as accepted as it is today, I had a family who supported me. Because of their acceptance, I felt comfortable sharing my ‘gifts’ with others who I knew would accept them. I expressed what I saw, what I felt, who was there, etc.


I shared everything.

I realized as a teenager that I was experiencing was REAL. IT WAS LEGITIMATE.  I COULD NOT EXPLAIN IT at the time, but I KNEW!


I grew up Roman Catholic.


I walked out of the Roman Catholic Church right before “Confirmation” as a teenager because I KNEW without a doubt that our spirits lived beyond our physical bodies.


In fact, my name was printed in our local newspaper that I did attend the event, etc. I was extremely upset because I made it a point NOT to attend it.

I actually had a closed-door meeting with the Priest of my church at the time. I wanted answers before I confessed that I would follow the Catholic religion the rest of my life.


I did not receive the answers I wanted to hear. Therefore, I walked away from the ONLY faith I knew my entire life.


In true Stephanie Style, I Stood Alone! J


Today, I am proud to publicly say that YES, I am a “MEDIUM!”



YES! I have “read” and “warned” THOUSANDS of people in my lifetime.


When you receive a reading from me, I call in YOUR Spirit Guide/s, and loved ones who have a message to pass on to you at the moment.


My Spirit Guide “Red” steps in with my permission.  

When I perform an online reading, I auto-type – What that means is I allow the spirit to type through my body. I DO NOT correct grammar, etc. as I am using my physical body as a vessel.


I do NOT remember YOUR readings as they DO NOT come from me.




I have turned 99.99% of skeptics into believers!!


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