My Ghost/Spirit Friend Crystal – TRUE STORY

My Ghost/Spirit Friend Crystal – TRUE STORY. As far back as I can remember I have been what some call a psychic, others call it a medium, some even have names for every single gift a person on earth could possibly have from a greater power. ME, I call myself SPIRITUAL.

And, as far back as I can remember, I was “different!” I truly never kept it a secret.

I went about my life reading people daily. My gifts were “turned on” all the time, and after a few horrible incidents, I begged to be relieved from them.

I no longer wanted to see spirits. I no longer wanted to see the past. I no longer wanted to see the future. I NO LONGER WANTED TO SEE.

Years passed, and of course, I still had some of my “gifts.”

Then Crystal came into my life and my family’s lives. At the time, I was living in a townhome in Minnesota. I just gave birth to my third son, and there she was.

I must admit, I knew something was going to “happen” when I moved into the townhome.

My backyard was a cemetary. TRUTH!

I tried to ignore her. I tried my best.

I saw her.

I knew she lived with me.

Then, one day… I was downstairs in the living room nursing my son, and my basement door opened and slammed shut.

NO EXPLANABLE REASON! The basement door was between the living room and the kitchen.

NO windows were open.

I SAW HER! She laughed at me and told me I was not allowed to stop using my gifts.

She was all of about 7 to 8-years old.

Everyone in my home at the time witnessed my basement door open itself and slam itself shut.

Crystal continued to demand my attention.

I continued to try to ignore her, and my gifts. I was VERY EARLY 20s at the time!


THEN… there we were.



ALL ALONE in my living room late at night.



She cried to me. She begged me to check into her passing. She wanted to play… I had three children at the time.

I decided it was time to tell others what I saw. I decided it was time to start investigating a girl named Crystal who passed.

I decided to open my “gifts” back up.

As soon as I told her I was going to help her, I woke the next morning to an INK DRAWING ON MY WHITE WALL right next to my head where I slept in bed!

My bed was pushed up against a wall, and my spot was on the wall side.

I opened my eyes… and there it was…

The drawing of a little girl with her arms reached out as far as they could be, and her name under the drawing….CRYSTAL.

I am sure you have seen a stick figure type of drawing with a name spelled underneath the stick figure… that’s what I saw!

I cried. I knew I had to stop being selfish. I knew I had to investigate.

I showed everyone the drawing.

EVERYONE was baffled.


Soon afterwards, I had to move from my two-bedroom to a three-bedroom because I gave birth to my first daughter.

The day I moved, the ink drawing vanished from my wall. I do have actual witnesses that will testify and pass a polygraph in the court of law.

HOWEVER, the same day as we were unloading boxes into our three-bedroom Crystal made herself known again. LOL!

I told everyone, she is here. I told you, you can’t run!

I had a lamp that you were able to touch back then to turn the brightness up or down. Three touches were the brightest setting or off.

As soon as I told everyone Crystal was still with me. She needed me. My lamp dimmed.

Others said…”if you are here turn up the brightness.“

Needless to say, she obliged them, and made their eyeballs the size of golf balls.

I am happy to report today Crystal has crossed over and found her parents.

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