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My name is Stephanie, and I have been doing Spiritual Readings my entire life. HONESTLY. I think the moment I was born, MY MOUTH decided to share with others. I cannot remember the day I did not see a “ghost, spirit, guide, dark cloud, etc.” HONESTLY!! TO ME, IT IS AS REAL, AS TALKING TO A LIVING A FRIEND!

I have given what I have labeled as “Spiritual” readings. If you get to know me, you will realize I HATE labels, but honestly, I do not know what else to call them!  They come from others, not me. I share with you what I am told. I see, hear, feel, taste, and smell, you name it. I have the gift!


spiritual reading

Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guide is? Mine, I have nicknamed “Red!” He comes to me with a red bowtie, all dressed up, and my favorite color! Who is yours? Do you KNOW?

Do you allow YOUR guide in?


Do you allow YOUR GUIDE to guide you? Do you have a loved one who has passed whom you miss? Ever wonder if they are okay? Want to know if they have a message FOR YOU?



I have given Spiritual reading my entire life as I grew my gift.

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I have warned complete strangers of impending danger, and I was correct.

I have explained loved ones to a “T” that I HAVE NEVER MET!

I have given information that NO ONE would know but YOU!


Please see my testimonials. If you are interested in a REAL Spiritual Reading…. Please send me YOUR date of birth, FULL name, and a RECENT photo. HERE!!!



I AM NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE INFORMATION I REVEAL TO YOU.  I auto-type during readings, which means, I allow your guides to enter my body, and speak to you. I do not remember readings unless you ask me to go back and read.


I look forward to reading for you! I also look forward to turning SKEPTICS INTO BELIEVERS!




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($25.00)The readings provided are for entertainment purposes only. It is your choice to acknowledge any advice or guidance. I am not held accountable for any actions taken.

1 thought on “Book YOUR Psychic Reading Today!”

  1. Stephanie recently did a reading for me and actually named a lost love one. She knew names I never told her, and gave me amazing insight into the situation I’m facing. She knew things she could not have possibly know, things no one on this earth knows.

    I know what I’m doing now, and why I was so confused. I got advice, guidance and a sense of security from Stephanie. I’ll be back for more readings and recommend her to anyone who needs help, guidance or just has questions.


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