Hold On Tight. I WILL Blow Your Mind If You Have Never Experienced A Real Medium!

Hold on tight! I will blow your mind if you have never experienced a real medium. Almost 11-months ago my entire world turned upside down. One of my children passed away. I always said that I would be the mother who could not live if one of her children passed away before her, but here I am.


As I grieved and continue to grieve for the loss of my son on earth, I have become very public about my grieving process and my spiritual gifts.

They go hand-in-hand and let me tell you the absolute hardest spirit I have ever had to accept seeing is one of my children!



I had to come to terms and accept that one of my children is now around his family all the time, but not physically.


I had to accept that this is our new reality. We have all received signs from him letting us know our souls live outside our human bodies. 


I re-opened spiritually stronger than ever!


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I’m a writer by trade, so I did what I do best… I WROTE my feelings, my thoughts, and started truly sharing with the world what it’s like to see the ‘other side.’


I started sharing more about my gifts. I want to help other’s who are longing to connect with a passed loved one, who need guidance, who wonder who their spirit guides are, what their life path is, and more.


I have given psychic, medium, and tarot readings almost my entire life. However, I stopped for a while until one day I saw a message from someone asking me for a reading.


Thank you!


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  1. Great reading. Very loving. I recommend Stephanie if you want to connect with your loved ones on the other side.


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