I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DAY A TRUE MIRACLE HAPPENED… THE BIRTH OF MY SON! The only child I planned. The only child, I ever purchased everything for in order to make sure I was ovulating to conceive. I had a dream I met my son before I actually gave birth to him. I will NEVER forget my dream! If that is what you really want to call it – a dream!?

There he was sitting on a bench. He was dressed in a red jacket, red baseball cap. We were not of this earth in my “dream.”


I was walking, and saw him. I had to approach him. He was so cute, and all of about 5-years old. I was wearing a white, long flowing dress, and had long brown hair. He was, oddly, comfortable with me as I sat on the bench next to him.


I gently leaned over, and said: “Honey, why are you all alone? What are you doing?”


He glanced at me and smiled.


He then looked me dead in my eyes and said: “I am picking out my mother down on earth!”


I felt my heart and eyes fill. I was overcome with emotion.


I looked at him and said: “I hope you find the perfect mom for you.”


TWO WEEKS LATER…. ONE TRY. I was pregnant!


I will NEVER FORGET IT. My son and daughter even knew before I did.


We were in our living room watching cartoons, and I was laying on the floor with each one laying on an arm of mine. ALL OF A SUDDEN, AT THE SAME TIME, they both sat up, looked at me, and laid their heads on my belly and said: “You have baby!”


I knew they were right, but I acted like I was shocked. And, in fact, I was that my children had spiritual abilities like I do!


My period didn’t come on time. I took a pregnancy test from the Dollar Store, and it was negative. ODD!


Another week passed, and I took another test. THIS ONE WAS POSITIVE as fast as it could possibly turn!


I sat in the bathroom starring at the pregnancy test. I just knew I was pregnant, but something was “odd, off, etc.”


I called my doctor the next day, and scheduled an appointment.


It was confirmed I was, indeed, pregnant.


I started dreaming of multiple boys. I just KNEW I was pregnant with MULTIPLE boys. NOT A SINGULAR CHILD!


Then, one night, I had another dream. I lost two of them.


There I was. I was on top of a mountain, and I had THREE SONS in my arms. BEFORE I KNEW IT, I had ONE.




Then, one day. I started bleeding. I lost a baby. I saw it.




Fast-forward about 7 months…


EVERYTHING that could go wrong during a pregnancy and delivery did!


Feb 24th, I was in labor. My son was entering this world. I had no scare in the world, because at the time I was a mother of five children. I gave birth five times before this one.


Labor was fairly easy. I started pushing, and he turned!


I delivered his arm and shoulder!





I start feeling funny, and my doctor looks at everyone in the room and says: “THIS IS SERIOUS!”


I just laid there, numb.


Then, my doctor informs EVERYONE WE ARE DYING!


Before I knew it, I had alarms going off. Doctors were running down halls. I was being wheeled from the delivery room while my loved ones were left behind because they could NOT enter at the time. I was in shock, I think.


I saw what was going on. I dug deep for strength! I DUG EVERY OUNCE of strength I had in my soul, and I FOUND IT. I KNOW what it feels like to have a child cut from your body without medication! 



I heard…..
“Stephanie, do you understand what is going on? You are dying, and so is your son! We have to try to save your life!”


I started bawling like a damn baby.


HOW! WHAT? NO WAY! Take me, but please allow my son to live!


Next thing I knew….


I had a blue sheet in front of my face, ON THE BED I WAS PUSHING ON! THERE WAS NO TIME to change me to an OR bed. It just sat next to me at the moment in the OR room.


Then, I heard…






From one hip to another. I felt it all. My legs were uncontrollably shaking. I was praying to God. I BEGGED to save his life. I cried my other kids may not have me around on earth, but I knew I would always be with them.


TWO doctors were trying to get my son unstuck from my bones!


I felt them rip my skin. I felt them BIRTH HIM! He was born with a TRUE TWO-VESSEL cord. A SINGALTON. NO MEDICAL explanation as to WHY he had another cord!


After my son was born, I was being wheeled outside one night at the hospital and as we entered the doors… they opened on their own as if someone was waiting for me to get a breath of fresh air.




Unexplainably, we are both alive today.

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