Thank YOU for Spreading the Word-of-Mouth About My Abilities!

Thank YOU for Spreading the Word-of-Mouth About My Abilities!



It’s been a bit now since I have offered my readings to the public, and I am happy to say that I have MANY MORE testimonials I will be posting soon! I am honored to announce that people just like you are now spreading the word-of-mouth about my psychic/medium abilities. EVERY SINGLE reading I perform is different. I NEVER KNOW beforehand what YOUR reading will entail. TRUTH BE TOLD!


I am honored that so many of you have changed from a skeptic into a believer!


If you are interested in reading what abilities I have you can do so by clicking on the image below:


If you are interested in a reading, please click on the image below:

1 thought on “Thank YOU for Spreading the Word-of-Mouth About My Abilities!”

  1. Hello to Everyone, my name is Tisha and this was my first reading from a Medium. I met Stephanie And I was taken for a total Awwwwwww when she did my reading. I have a Testimony to give about Stephanie. She’s the real deal. I was skeptical at first but she drew 3 cards and they explained me and my situation to perfection. For what she charged i was blessed that she kept working with me. Stephanie notices a demon on my shoulder. A demon that followed me since child hood. She helped me cleanse my home and were working together to rid and Unattached this demon from me. Once she read me everything she said was accurate to the point it was scary. Then she called upon my mother that passed away and left me broken hearted. She called me a name only my mother would call me. Once my mother and i communicated through Stephanie i felt my mother rub my arm and hand then i smelled her perfume Sweet warm Vanilla. All i could do was cry. I asked Stephanie to ask certain questions only my mother would know and she answered me with the things only my mother would say. She advised me that my mom is with me and to lit a candle as i pray for my mother. Then my mother kept saying the word BREATHE.. THAT WAS ON THE CANDLE I LITE IN MY MOTHERS HONOR. I WAS FLOORED. Stephanie is an Angel that has a gift of comfort and direction. I was lost in a world of pain, darkness, and despair. Until i met Stephanie and she prayed with me from my home, my demon attacked her and myself. This Poltergeist has been tearing my life apart. The more i follow Stephanie cleansing instructions the madder it get. I burnt Sage, had my bible, lite candles, created my Holy water as instructed and i can feel the difference in my home. I would pay a million dollars if i had it for a Medium like Stephanie that saved my life. And she’s still working with me. I feel overly Blessed that we met. Once our cleaning of my home is complete i will post pictures or Stephanie will i want the world to know Stephanie saved me and brought my mom to me and brought me out of this darkness. Amen


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