WHAT PSYCHIC GIFTS DO I HAVE? When it comes to psychic abilities there are a few main ones that many have heard of today. I am thankful for the media, and television, because growing up possessing such gifts in my time wasn’t as accepted as it is today.

In the psychic world… gifts, or abilities are often classified as CLAIRS….. Clairs are ways that we receive our information.

I come from a family who possess spiritual, psychic, and medium gifts. I will share with you the ones I have below.


Clairvoyance is the most well-known, but least understood psychic/medium/intuitive gift. This is when a person possesses an inner seeing. I often refer to it as watching a movie inside your head. It’s hard to explain to those who don’t possess this gift, but it’s the best way to explain it.

Imagine closing your eyes, and you can SEE in COLOR a T.V. show inside your head! Sometimes all a person will see is a number, a sign, or a symbol… basically, something simple. And, other times, a person may see an entire movie!

A lot of times, this is what is referred to as being a psychic.


Clairsentience is a fancy name or term for what many refer to as empathy. An empath has the ability to receive messages via physical sensations, emotions and feelings. Most people who possess this ability refer to themselves as “Empaths.”

A lot of the time, empaths take on the emotions of others without realizing what is happening.

Those who possess this ability may not know they are “taking on” others’ feelings, emotions, etc., and are becoming overwhelmed by those feelings, and emotions that they lost their own. Other times, those who possess this ability can feel others physical pain, etc.





This is probably the hardest ability to explain, and define! Clairaudience is truly the hardest to explain to those who don’t possess the ability. This is when your “inner voice” comes into play. Have you ever heard without physically “hearing” something? For example, maybe you heard the word “stop” or a few words. Maybe you heard “keep going.” BUT it was ALL IN YOUR HEAD?

Clairaudient is when you can actually hear words! I will NEVER forget the day I found out I was able to hear spirits that were not of this earth. I was young girl living in Minnesota. I tried to fall asleep one night during a snowstorm. All of a sudden, I heard a conversation going on in a room I knew was empty. In fact, it was a hall. I became scared at the time. I didn’t want to hear… today, I understand my abilities, and I listen very closely.


Claricognizance is what is often referred to as “clear knowing.”  It’s kind of hard to explain, but, the best way I can explain it is knowing something without logic or facts. It’s a gut feeling. It’s just KNOWING.

For example, have you ever met someone you just knew you shouldn’t trust, but had no idea why and before you know it, you have befriended the person you knew you shouldn’t have trusted in the first place, and to top-it-off,  you were burned by that person?

How did you know that beforehand? Did you have clear facts the day you met that person that you SHOULD NOT trust him or her? NO, you just KNEW!


Clairalience is an ability when you can clearly smell something that is not physically in front of you. Whenever my grandfather visits me in spirit form, I know he is coming WAY BEFOREHAND,  because I instantly smell the scent of toast. Yes, toast!

Those who possess clairalience can smell a scent from a loved one who has passed, an area, etc. Whatever the smell is that the person can smell, it is linked to someone who passed.

I also have the ability to PHSYCIALLY SEE spirits.

If you never knew what some of the “Clairs” were called, I hope this blog post helped you understand better. Who knows? Maybe, you possess some of the common “Clairs!”

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  1. Thankyou so much to this god sent woman, Stephanie. She was able to connect to someone that I’ve begged to come to me and talk to me for years. Gave me some insight and gave messages that momoved me and has given some.confidence to continue on, even though its been hard to.
    Thankyou Thankyou 💞


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